About Us

Lux opened for business in the spring of 2006, a dream realized after 5 long years of pining over a coveted little storefront on Ponce De Leon Street, in the heart of the Faubourg Saint John neighborhood of New Orleans.

A certain hurricane and the resulting flood in the summer of 2005 compelled the prior business owner to close doors and move on ... And thus I was presented with an opportunity, albeit a frightening one, to open a spa I had dreamed of, and in the very location I had admired for years. In November of 2005, I leased the space with great trepidation and a sturdy pair of rose-colored-blinders. I had no idea what success I could or would have in a city that was mostly empty and completely devastated.

In May of 2006, after six months of hard work and renovations, Lux opened ... I am pleased beyond words to say that the shop is thriving, as is the surrounding neighborhood. There are six restaurants (1000 Figs, Café Degas, Liuzza's By The Track, Lola, Santa Fe, Nonna Mia) and two neighborhood groceries (Terranova's and Canseco's) within one block of Lux. Swirl (wine and cheese) is to my left and FairGrinds (coffee shop) is to my right, and the neighborhood itself is again filled with the people and a vivacity that is resilient beyond my comprehension.

Lux's main objective is to provide a space for relaxation and personal care that is comfortable and welcoming. We offer lovely services and treatments in a personable and friendly environment and seek to develop long term relationships with our customers. Caring for yourself is not complicated, and we strive to illustrate that notion. Our services are crafted specifically for you because YOU are one of a kind.
We are delighted to be here and hope that you will stop in and check out our sweet, little spa for yourself!

Many thanks, and we hope to see you soon!

Erin Peacock